Hot Water Heaters

Natural Gas Water Heaters provide the convenience of instant hot water and the efficiency to save on your energy costs.


Our Most Popular Models:

Gas Water Heater Tips

For the greatest efficiency, find a tank size that fits your hot-water needs.
Know the two types of venting systems for water heaters:

Conventional Venting uses a vertical passage to take flue gases from your water heater to outside your home, usually through a chimney or existing vent.
Horizontal Venting
goes directly from the water heater through your wall. It usually gives you more tank-placement options.
If you own an electric, oil or propane water heater and would like to upgrade to a natural gas model, we can evaluate your system and provide solutions.


Safety and Maintenance

If Your Water Heater Leaks:
– Repair or replace a leaking water heater right away.
– Leaks get worse over time and can cause serious damage.

If you’re dealing with a leak right now, follow these steps:
If a leak starts, find the water supply valve and gas valve on your water heater. You will need to shut both valves off to limit water damage and stop gas flow to the burner.

– The water supply valve is on the cold water pipe near the top of your tank. (In some cases it may be several feet away. You may also have to shut off the water supply to the whole house. The shut-off valve is usually in the same place as your water meter.)
– The water valve handle resembles a tap or faucet. You may need to turn it several times to shut off the cold water supply to the tank.
– The gas valve is usually on the gas pipe (black or copper) that extends vertically to the bottom of the water heater. Use a small wrench to give this valve a quarter turn.

If you have a power vent water heater with a fan at the top, be sure to unplug the fan’s power cord.


Basic Safety Precautions

All water heaters require some basic safety precautions. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for operating and maintenance procedures. And to reduce the risk of scalding and save energy, adjust your water heater temperature to 54°C (130°F).