In Canada, the forced air furnace is the most common method homes use to maintain warm and comfortable temperatures. ‘Forced air’ means these furnaces force hot air through a network of ducting throughout the home that exit with vents in each room.


Our Most Popular Models:

Forced-Air Furnaces offer many advantages:

Quick, reliable heat
Built in air filtration
Air movement to ventilate your home
Easily accommodates central air conditioning


High-efficiency natural gas furnaces can be up to 96% efficient, meaning more of your heating bill actually goes towards heating. Two common types of efficiency ratings are high and mid efficiency furnaces that are economical, clean and safe, and will add value to your home.

Find out your furnace’s current Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. This will tell you how much energy your furnace actually converts to heat. High-efficiency furnaces typically deliver 96% AFUE, while mid-efficiency furnaces deliver 80% AFUE.
Installation considerations. A natural gas furnace requires gas fitting and reliable air duct system in order to work properly.
Cost Savings. A good forced air furnace replacement can cost a bit more up front but significantly lower your annual heating bill.

Types of Forced Air Furnaces:

There are many types of furnaces available to suit your needs. We can install furnaces in attic spaces, crawl spaces and basements. Furnace efficiencies range from 90% to 98% efficiency. There are government grants and manufacturers rebates available for the 95-98% efficiency furnaces. Call us for an estimate.