Enjoy the comfort of a fireplace while benefiting from the cleanliness and efficiency a gas fireplace offers. With so many styles and venting options available, there are almost no limits to where you can install one.


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Choosing a Natural Gas Fireplace

There are three types of natural gas fireplaces you can choose for your home:

•  Fireplace inserts: If you already have a wood-burning fireplace, you can easily convert it to natural gas. Inserts fit into your existing fireplace and use your home’s existing chimney.
  Direct vent fireplaces
: These sealed units draw outside air in and don’t need a chimney or flue—they’re the ideal solution if you don’t have an existing chimney.
  Freestanding fireplaces
: These can be installed almost anywhere in your home, often with little or no renovation. And they’re another great option if you don’t have a chimney.


We are licensed to install and maintain your natural gas fireplace for you.


To keep your new natural gas fireplace working safely and efficiently:

•  Have it serviced every year.
•  Review your manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and use.
•  Never leave children alone near a gas fireplace. Use a screen or protective barrier to keep them away from the glass.
•  Do not place flammable materials near your fireplace.
•  If your pilot light or flame goes out, follow the lighting steps in your manufacturer’s instructions.
•  Ensure that your fireplace is turned completely off when not in use.
•  Never wipe the glass of a hot fireplace with a damp cloth. It could cause the glass to crack.
•  Never use a fireplace with cracked glass.